Dr. S. K. Mohapatra

Senior Professor


Thermal Engineering




Thermal Engineering




Prof Saroj Kumar Mohapatra was graduated from Utkal University, Odisha in 1990 in Mechanical Engineering. He completed his M. Tech. in Fuel Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (Deemed University) in 1992 with distinction. Later he was awarded the Ph. D. degree from IIT-ISM Dhanbad in 1997.

He has twenty five years of experience in research and teaching at ISM Dhanbad, SLIET Longowal and Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala. He has published more than hundred research papers in international/national journals/conferences of repute. He has also supervised thirteen funded projects from various funding agencies viz. DST, AICTE, UGC, MNRE and has supervised a number of Ph.D. and ME theses. His area of research is Thermal Engineering (Fluidized bed combustion/rheology/biomass gasification/centrifugal slurry pumps/alternate fuels etc.).

He has also vast administrative experience viz Dean of Academic Affairs (2010-2014) and Head of MED (2005-10) at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology and Head of Mechanical Engineering Department at SLIET Longowal (Deemed University) during 2002-04. He is also recipient of National, GATE, and CSIR fellowship and member of various statutory committees viz. FICCI, CII, DRDO etc.

Administrative Experience



Nature of Work

01/06/18 to 14-06-2021

Coordinator ELC

Conduct of experiential learning activities and embedment into curriculum

05/09/14 to 13/06/18

Head of Mechanical Department (TIET Patiala)

Academic Administration, Accreditation, development of laboratories

01/09/10 to 05/09/14

Dean of Academic Affairs

(TIET Patiala)

Academic Administration, Admissions, Accreditation, Curriculum Design and Audit Student Response Survey, Examinations

25/06/05 to 30/11/10

Head of Mechanical Engg. Deptt. (TIET, Patiala)

Academic Administration, Lab development. Accreditation and assessment, curriculum design and development

18/02/2002 to 30/11/2004

Head of Mechanical Engg. Department (SLIET Longowal) Deemed University


09/07/99  to 05/01/02

Training and Placement Officer  SLIET Longowal  (Deemed University)

Training, Placement , Internshipand Industrial Liaison

Professional Experience




Nature of work & duration

25/08/10 till date

Senior Professor

TIET, Patiala

Teaching, Research, and Academic Administration

01/12/04 to 24/08/10


TIET,  Patiala

Teaching, Research, and Academic Administration

(Five Years and Eight Months)

15.03.99  to 30/11/04

Assistant Professor

SLIET Longowal

Teaching, Administration, Research and Development  (Five Years and Eight Months)


02.09.93 to 14.03.99

Lecturer/Sr. Lecturer

SLIET Longowal

Teaching & Research

(Five years and six months)

22.01.92 to 31.08.93

Senior Research Fellow at ISM Dhanbad for a CSIR project

Research and Teaching

(One year and six months)


Accreditation and Assessments 

Trained assessor of NAAC and NBA

Research Projects

Sl. No. Name of Agency Title of the project Total amount Rs. in lacs Period of support (Yrs.) with dates
1 MHRD (TAPTEC) Establishment of a Solar Energy & Bio-gas energy laboratory to train rural youth and students at SLIET Longowal (P.I.) 08 20-11/97 dated March 20, 1998 for a period of three years (completed)
2 MHRD (MODROB) Modernisation of the I.C. engine lab at SLIET Longowal (P.I.)



10 26-2/2002-TS.V dated March 19, 2002 for a period of two years (completed)
3 MNES Establishment of an energy lab


at SLIET Longowal (P.I.)

6.25 49/491/2001-SADP dated 27th September, 2001 for a period of three years (completed)
4 DST FIST (Level I) at SLIET Longowal (P.I.) 20 SR/FST/ETI-081/2002 dated 13th June 2003 (completed)
5 DST FIST Level I


at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala (P.I.)

23 SR/FST/ETI-095/2003 dated 9th September, 2004 (completed)
6 AICTE (MODROB) Modernisation of Automobile Laboratory at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala (P.I.) 10 F.No. 8023/RID/BOR/MOD-89/2005-06 dated 17/02/06 for two years (completed)
7 AICTE (R&D) Study of Some Performance Parameters of a Bubbling Fluidised Bed Combustor Using Rice Straw/Rice Husk (P.I.) 10 F.No. 8023/BOR/RPS-


136/2006-07 (completed)

8 UGC-SAP (Phase I) Establishment of Non Traditional Machining Centre (Co-ordinator) 23 F. 3-26/2004 (SAP II), 15-10-2004 (completed)
9. UGC-SAP (Phase II)



Establishment of Non Traditional Machining Centre (Co-ordinator.) 44.5 F.3-70/2009(SAPII) dated 03/12/09 (completed)
10. UGC (Major Research project) Study on Performance Characteristics of a Centrifugal Slurry Pump Handling Water and Slurry (P.I.) 7.26 37-530/2009 (SR) (completed)
11. UGC (Major Research project) Study of erosion wear of ash-water slurry (Co-PI) 7.6 (Completed)
12. DST-SERB Experimental investigation and CFD modelling of slurry pipeline for flow of multiparticulate slurry at higher concentration (co-PI) 37.09 EMR/2015/00162 dated 17/03/16
13 MNRE Reforming of biogas for hydrogen and its utilization in CI engine under dual fuel mode (co-PI) 38.95 103/223/2014-NT dated 05/09/16

* TEQIP –II co-ordinator of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (July 2010 –August 2014)

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies

Membership of Professional Bodies: MASME, LMISCA, LMISTE, LMIWS, LMMSI, MSAE, NCMIWS

Publications and other Research Outputs

  • SCI: 70
  • No. of Ph.D.students supervised: 15
  • No. of ME dissertations supervised: 56

Awards and Honours

  • NRTS Scholarship after Class VII
  • National Scholarship after HSC
  • GATE (AICTE) Scholarship
  • CSIR Fellowship

Description of Research Interests

Fluidised bed combustion, alternate fuels, two-phase flow

SCI Publications (2016-21)

  1. Singh, H., Kumar, S., Mohapatra, S.K., Prasad, S.B., 2021. Slurryability and flowability of coal water slurry: Effect of particle size distribution. Journal of Cleaner Production, (323), pp. 129183.  (IF:9.297)
  2. Rosha, P., Kumar, S., Senthil Kumar, P., Kowthaman, C.N., Mohapatra, S.K., Dhir, A., 2021. Impact of compression ratio on combustion behavior of hydrogen enriched biogas-diesel operated CI engine, Fuel, 310 (B), pp. 122321 (1-8).  (IF:6.609)
  3. Singh, H., Kumar, S. and Mohapatra, S.K., 2021. Design and modelling of a self-dispersing twisted pipe to mitigate settling in coal water suspension. Advanced Powder Technology32(2), pp.317-336. (IF:4.833)
  4. Singh, H., Kumar, S. and Mohapatra, S.K., 2020. Modeling of solid-liquid flow inside conical diverging sections using computational fluid dynamics approach. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences186, p.105909. (IF:5.32)
  5. Singh, R., Dhir, A., Mohapatra, S.K. and Mahla, S.K., 2020. Dry reforming of methane using various catalysts in the process. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery10(2), pp.567-587. (IF:4.987)
  6. Singh, J., Kumar, S. and Mohapatra, S.K., 2020. Erosion tribo-performance of HVOF deposited Stellite-6 and Colmonoy-88 micron layers on SS-316L. Tribology International147, p.105262. (IF:4.872)
  7. Marwaha, A., Rosha, P., Mohapatra, S.K., Mahla, S.K. and Dhir, A., 2019. Biodiesel production from Terminalia bellerica using eggshell-based green catalyst: An optimization study with response surface methodology. Energy Reports5, pp.1580-1588. (IF:6.87)
  8. Singh, J., Kumar, S. and Mohapatra, S.K., 2019. Tribological performance of Yttrium (III) and Zirconium (IV) ceramics reinforced WC–10Co4Cr cermet powder HVOF thermally sprayed on X2CrNiMo-17-12-2 steel. Ceramics International45(17), pp.23126-23142. (IF:4.527)
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  10. Rosha, P., Mohapatra, S.K., Mahla, S.K. and Dhir, A., 2019. Catalytic reforming of synthetic biogas for hydrogen enrichment over Ni supported on ZnOCeO2 mixed catalyst. Biomass and Bioenergy125, pp.70-78. (IF:5.06)
  11. Rosha, P., Mohapatra, S.K., Mahla, S.K. and Dhir, A., 2019. Hydrogen enrichment of biogas via dry and autothermal-dry reforming with pure nickel (Ni) nanoparticle. Energy172, pp.733-739. (IF:7.147)
  12. Kataria, J., Mohapatra, S.K. and Kundu, K., 2019. Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using heterogeneous catalysts and its operational characteristics on variable compression ratio CI engine. Journal of the Energy Institute92(2), pp.275-287. (IF:6.186)
  13. Singh, H. and Mohapatra, S.K., 2018. Production of producer gas from sugarcane bagasse and carpentry waste and its sustainable use in a dual fuel CI engine: A performance, emission, and noise investigation. Journal of the Energy Institute91(1), pp.43-54. (IF:6.186)
  14. Marwaha, A., Rosha, P., Mohapatra, S.K., Mahla, S.K. and Dhir, A., 2018. Waste materials as potential catalysts for biodiesel production: Current state and future scope. Fuel processing technology181, pp.175-186. (IF:7.033)
  15. Rosha, P., Mohapatra, S.K., Mahla, S.K. and Dhir, A., 2018. Biogas reforming for hydrogen enrichment by ceria decorated over nickel catalyst supported on titania and alumina. international journal of hydrogen energy43(46), pp.21246-21255. (IF:5.816)
  16. Marwaha, A., Dhir, A., Mahla, S.K. and Mohapatra, S.K., 2018. An overview of solid base heterogeneous catalysts for biodiesel production. Catalysis Reviews60(4), pp.594-628. (IF:20.217)
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Courses taught in UG and PG level

  1. Applied Thermodynamics 
  2. Refrigeration and Air conditioning 
  3. Fuels and combustion 
  4. Internal combustion engine 



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