Laboratory Facilities

List of Laboratory Facilities Available (

The following table includes the various equipments available in different laboratories and valuation:

S.No. Name of Lab Faculty Incharge Equipment List
1 Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab Dr. Gautam Setia Refrigeration Tutor Absorption Refrigeration Tutor
      Working Model of Cold Storage
      Experimental Air Conditioning Unit Duct Type
      Experimental Rail Coach Trainer
      Cascade Refrigeration System
      Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System Three Fluid
      Vapour Compression based Ice Plant Set-Up
      Refrigeration Cut Section Model
      RAC Sectional Cut Model Board with Basic Control and Components
      Working Model of Natural Draft Cooling Tower
      Working Model of Forced Draft Cooling Tower
      Working Model of Induced Draft Cooling Tower
      Computerized Air-Conditioning Trainer
      Soler Concentrator
      Hotwire Anemometer
2 Automobile Engineering Lab Dr. Devender Kumar Battery Tester, Actual Cut-Section of Radiator, Carburretor for Two-Wheeler and Four-Wheeler Automobile Starter-Motor
      Alternator for Automobile
      Battery Charger
      Catalytic Convertar
      Cut-Section Model of Engine Assembly (Four-wheeler)
      Cut-Section Model of Engine Assembly (for Scooter)
      Cut-Section Model of Automobile Brake System.
      Test-Bench for Testing the Performance of Alternator & Stater-motor
      Cut-Section Model of Inter-Cooler
      Six-Cylinder Chasis Mounted with Kit Education Truck Model
      Transmission Components for Differential
      Cut-section Model of Hydraulic Automobile Brake System
      Synchromesh Gear Box
      Alison Automatic Transmission System
      Cut-section of an Intercooler
      Hydraulic Brake System
      Synchromesh Gear Box
      Constant Mesh Gear Box
      Motor Car Steering Model
3 Solid Mechanics Lab Dr. Neeraj Grover Rockwell Hardness Tester Vickers Hardness Testing M/c
      Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester
     Dr. H. L. Bhowmick Tensile Testing M/c 100 kN UTM (Digital)
      Digital Torsion Testing Machine
      Non-Destructive Torsion Testing Machine
      Torsion Testing M/C (Capacity 60,000
      Impact Testing Machine
      Buckling Testing Machine
4 Mechanics of Machines Lab Dr. Gagandeep Bhardwaj Balancing M/C for Rotating & Reciprocating Masses Centrifugal Force Mechanism
      Crank & Connecting-rod Mechanism
      CAM Appratus
      Motorized Gyroscope
      Centrifugal Force Mechanism
      Crank and Connecting Rod Mechanism
      Models for different mechanism
5 Heat and Mass Transfer Lab Dr. Kundan Lal.                                                     Boiling Heat Transfer Unit Film and Dropwise Condensation Unit
      Tharmal Condctivity Tester for Building Material
    Dr. Sayan Sadhu Tharmal Conductivity Apparatus for Liquid and Gases Linear Heat Conduction Test Set-Up
      Radial Heat Conduction Test Set-Up
      Extended Surface Heat Transfer Test Set-Up
      Combined Convection and Rediation Heat Transfer Test Set-Up
      Radiation Heat Transfer Test Set-Up 
      Concentric Tube Heat Exchnger Test Set-Up
      Plate Heat Exchnger Test Set-Up
      Shell and Tube Heat Exchnger Test Set-Up
      Temprature Measurment Methods and Calibration Unit
      Water Turbulent Flow Heat Exchanger Test Set-Up
      Heat Pipe Investigation Test Set-Up
      Radiator Type Heat Exchanger Test Set-Up 
6 Fluid Machinery Lab Dr. Rajesh Shukla Cavitation Set-Up Francis Turbine Set-Up
      Pelton Wheel Turbine Set-Up
      Centrifugal Pump Set-Up
      Reciprocating Pump Set-Up
      Hydraulic Ram Set-Up
      A) Linear Oil Pump B) Oil Pump Actual C ) Screw Pump Actual D) Jet Pump
      Slurry- Water Handeling Centrifugal Pump Set-Up
      Motorized Sieve Shaker
      Lazer Particle Size Analizer
      Magenatic Flow Meter 100mm
      Dewatory Pump (Crompton)
      Pump Model
      Pressure Transmitter
      Torque Rotary Sensor
      Magenatic Flow Meter 200mm or 80mm
      Digital Pressure Transducer
      Hydraulic Elevation
      Hydraulic Lift Pump
      Hydraulic Press
      Accumulator Intensifier (Hydraulic)
7 Industrial Automation Lab Dr. A. K. Singh Pneumatic Trainer along with Festo FluidSIM Software Add on Electropneumatic Trainer with Festo FluidSIM Software
      PLC Trainer Board along with CoDeSys V2.3 and RS Logix 500 Software for Ladder Logic Programming and Implementation
      Control Components - Pressure, Flow Rate, Pneumatically and Electrically Controlled Direction Control Valves etc. 
      Digital Proximity and Limit Sensors
      Low Noise Air Compressor
8 Internal Combustion Engine Lab Dr. S. K. Mohaptra Ruston make 2xH R Single Cylinder Horizontal Cold Starting Oil Engine Kirlockar type 10 B.H.P. Vertical Diesel Engine 1500 R.P.M. & Complete with Standard Accessories
      Krimo Engine (slow speed) 10 H.P. Complete with Accessories
     Mr. Sumeet Sharma Computerized Single Cylinder VCR Engine with Saj make Eddy Current Dynamometer Apex Make Computerized VCR Engine Test Rig with Gasefire & Accessories
      Apex Make Computerized Four Cylinder Four Strock Water Cooled Engine
      Avl Make Disel Smoke Meter for Pollution Cheking
      Ace Five Gas Analyser
      VCR Petrol Engine Model 240
      Portabal Bio Gas Plant
      Automatic Gear Box (1),Front Axle (2),Torque Convertor(1), Fuel Injector (1),Gear Box Assembly (1)
      Honda Engine Gx160
      Thar CRDE
9 Machine Tool Lab Dr. V. K. Singla Advani Orlikon Make Welding Motor Generator (With Acessories)
  & Addison Make Tool and Cutter Grinder
  Non -Traditional Machining Lab   Pedestal Grinder Cum Lapping
     Dr. Dheeraj Gupta Pedestal Grinder Kistler Piezoelectric Dynamometer
      Vertical Milling Machine
      Radial Drilling Machine
      Portable Drilling Machine with Accessories
      HMT Lathe
      Shaping Machine
      Wear and Friction Monitor
      Electric Discharge Machine
      Ultrasonic  Machine
      Shot Blasting Machine
      Laser Cutting Machine
      Abrasive Flow Finishing Set-Up 
      a) Rolling  Machine
      b) Hydraulic Power Pack
      c) Hydraulic Cylinder
      d) PLC Control Panel
      e) Hydraulc Oil Circulatory System
10 Metrology Lab Dr. Tarun Nanda Profile Projector (Nikon) Slip Gauges (Mtutoyo)
      Inside Micrometer(50-200mm)
      Dial Indicator mahr
      Outside Micrometer (0-100mm)
      Electronic Dial Gauge (0.001-25mm)
      Digital Vernier Calliper (8"/200mm)
      Vernier Depth Gauge (6"/150mm)
      Vernier Calliper (8"/200mm)
      Outside Micrometer (0-25mm)
      Dial Gauges (J-17, J-52, J-02) 
      Micrometer (50-75mm)
      Micrometer (75-100mm)
      Inside Micrometer (5-30mm)
      Inside Micrometer (25-50mm)
      Screw Thread Micrometer (0-25mm)
      Internal Dial Caliper (35-55mm)
      Dial Bore Gauge (without Dial) 6-10mm
      Gear Tooth Vernier Calliper (1-26mm)
      Snap Gauge (fixed and adjustable type)
      Plain Plug Gauge (10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,18mm,20mm)
      Plain Ring Gauge (10mm,12mm,14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm)
      Thread Plug Gauge (10mm,16mm)
      Thread Ring Gauge (10mm go,10mm notgo,16mm go,16mm notgo
      Dial Bore Gauge (without Dial) 50-150mm
      Universal Bevel Protractor
      Comparator Stand
      Granite Surface Plate
      Vernier Height Gauge
      Dial Height Gauge
      Surface Plate (C.I)
      Precision Dial Bore Gauge
      Radius Gauge 
      Digital Calliper 
      Combination Set 
      Sine Table
      Spirit Level
      Surface Roughness Tester (Mitutoyo SJ400)
      Granite Surface Plate with Stand
11 Advanced Metrology Lab Dr. Vivek Jain Coordinate Measuring Machine Spectrometer
      Surface Profilometer
      Carl Zeiss Measuring Microscope
      Leica Metallurgical Microscope
      Microhardness Tester
      Ultrasonic Flaws Detector
      Ultrasonic Drilling Rotational Milling System
12 CAD Lab Mr. A. S. Jawanda Dell Optiplex 9020 Small Form-factor and Dell E-series E2014 19.5 inches Monitor Dell Optiplex 7440 All in one i7/6700/8GB RAM/ Full HD non touch
      Dell workstation T3500 chassis with keyboard and mouse, 21.5 inches LED wide display, RAM-16GB and 1TB HDD
     Dr. Bikramjit Sharma PTC University Plus Site Licence including Croe 500 seats, MathCAD AutoCAD LT 2020
      SolidWorks2018 Education Edition
      Ansys Academic Teaching Mechanical and CFD 256000 Nodes ver 15.0
      Prerpetual ProEngineer Commercial Site Licenses
      Touch probe 3D Scanner as per following specifications: Microsrib G2X 50" Spherical (accuracy 0.230mm)
13 CAM Lab Dr. R. K. Duvedi Mtab Plus+ CNC Turning Center with 8-Station ATC and Fanuc OI mate Controller  and Pecision Tools BFW Chandra Plus 20-Atc CNC Vertical Milling Machine Center with Fanuc OI Mate and Pecision Tools 
      Mitsubishi Move Master 5-Axis Robotic Arm With Teahing Box
      Denford Xl-Mill 3-Axis CNC Bench Milling Machine ATC with Accessories 
      Denford Mirac CNC Lathe With 8-Station Atc With Tools and Accessiories 
      Fbots Fcarve CNC Mini Router .
      Custom Designed 2-Axis CNC Table With Stepper Motor, Controller and Drivers 
      Custom Designed Pneumatically Controlled Chair Testing Machines with Electric Control Panel
      Epson Document Camera 
      Mastercam Version X9 Edu
      Dell Optiplex 7460 AIO CTO 23.8" Fhd Antiglare Intel Core I7-8700 4.6Ghz/65W 8GBX2 DDDR4 Nvidia Geforce GTX 4GB 
      PTC Creo for 3D Part Modelling and CNC Toolpath Planning
      Solidworks 2018 University Plus Education Version 
      Autocad-2021 Education Version
      Custom Developed Multi-Axis CNC Toolpath Planning Software for 3-Axis Turn Mill, 3-Axis VMC, 4-Axis and 5-Axis Multipoint Tool Positioning and 3D Graphical Simulation
14 Mechatronics Lab Dr. T. K. Bera Kuka 6-Axis Welding Robot 8051 Microcontroller Boards
      Single Link Flexible Manipulator
     Dr. Ashish Singla A-3 Link Rigid Flexible Manipulator 3D Printer QIDI Tech X-Max Single Extruder 300 X 23 X 300 mm
      PLC Trainer Kits
      Dobot Robot
      4-Axis Robot
      Rotary Pendulum
      Linear Inverted Pendulum
      Speed Control of DC Motor
      LEGO Mindstorm Kit
      LEGO Tetrix Set with Sensors
      Lego Light Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor
      Raspberry Pi Motherboard Combo
      High Speed Rubik Cube Solver
15 Rapid Prototyping Lab Dr. Vineet Srivastava Creator Pro 3D Printer. Stratasys uPrint Desktop Printer 
      Flashforge Hunter DLP Printer
      Flashforge Guider IIs 3D Printer
      Dell Precision Tower 3620 WS
      Dell Poweredge T30 WS
16 State Initiated Design centre Lab Mr. A. S. Jawanda PC Based 3-Axis CNC Milling-Lathe (PBG- 2048) for Ornamental Wood Carving of Pseudo-Symmetric Designs upto 4' Length and 6"Diameter. SOLID WORKS2008 Education Bundle of 30 Licenses
     Dr. R. K. Duvedi Artec Spider with Calibration Kit Make Artec and Artec Studio Software License (20) and HP Workstation i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, with Graphics Card Custom Developed Toolpath Software and 3D Graphical Simulation Software ToolSim for 3-Axis Lathe-Mill
17 DOM and Vibrations Lab Dr. Ashish Purohit Vibration Measurement using Accelerometer Sound Level Meter with Vibration Module with Accessories & Microphone
      Universal Vibration Test Apparatus
      Whirling of Shaft Apparatus
      Sound Level Meter Type -1 with Real Time Frequency Analyser with Accessories
      Vibration Exciter with Slip Table
      Nova Strobe BBX 155/Basic
      Arbitry Fuction Wave Fome Geneator
      Digital Storage Ossilloscop
      Double Pendulum Apparatus
      Electo Magnetic Exciter of 10 kg capacity
      Centerfugel Force Appartus
      Wind Tunnel of Capacity 30 mps 400mm x 400mm Section
      Signal Conditioner Charge Amplifier
      Electro Magnatic Exciter with Amplifier
18 Bulk Material Storage & Handling Lab Dr. S. S. Mallick Pneumatic Conveying Test Set-Up/Pilot Plant – Including Screw Compressor, Air Drier, Air Receiver, Blow Tank, Receiver Bin, Pipes of Different Diameters and Lengths, Bag Filter, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meter, Load Cells, Data Logger etc. Brookfield YR-1 Rheometer
      Brookfield LVDV III Ultra Rheometer
      Thermal Property Analyzer
      Bed Rheology Tester
      Deaeration and Permeability Tester
      High Speed Digital Camera
19 System Modelling Lab Dr. T. K. Bera Knee Exoskeleton Set-Up Semi Automatic Welding Machine
      4-Axis Robot
      SYMBOLS Shakti Bond Graph Software
20 Surface Engineering Lab Dr. Dheeraj Gupta Optical Microscope Probe Sonicator
      Low Speed diamond saw
      Pin on Disc Tribometer
      Domestic Microwave Oven
      Slury Erosion Test Rig
      Muffle Furnace
      Non-Contact type Thermometer
21 Mechanics of Composite Materials Lab Dr. Deepak Jain Humidity and Temprature Environmental Chamber Water Bath 25 liter
      Cryostat Bath
    Dr. Bikramjeet Sharma ABAQUS CAE 2021 Digital Coating Thickness Meter
      Paint Spring Gun & Compressor
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