Laboratory Facilities

List of Laboratory Facilities Available

The following table includes the various equipments available in different laboratories and valuation:

S. No. Name of Lab Name of Equipment
1. Automation Lab Electro-Hydraulic Training Package
    Mechatronics training package (LSM Controller
    Electro-pneumatic Training Package
    Hydraulic Trainer (Model 36-500
    Servo Fundamental Trainer (33-001)
    Transducer and Instrumentation trainer
  1. Electro-Mechanical Transducer(TIC-94IE)
  2. Measurement Package (2941 M)
2. MMC Lab Strain Indicator ( Digital)
    Indication Frequency Control (GF 100)
    Vibration Exciter
    Power Amplifier
    Vibration Meter
3. Automobile Engineering Lab  
    Alison Automatic transmission system
    Actual cut section of radiator
    Battery tester
    MPFI model
    Automobile starter motor
    Alternator for automobile
    Battery charger
    Catalytic convertor
    PCV cut section
    PCV working
    Cut section model of an engine assembly (four stroke)
    Cut section model of an engine assembly for scooter
    Cut section model of automobile brake system
    Test bench for testing the performance of starter and alternators
    Cut section of an intercooler
    Hydraulic brake system
    Synchromesh gear box
    Constant mesh gear box
    Motor car steering model
    Six cylinder Truck model
4. CAD Lab-I, and CAD Lab-II Euro 200 vacuum cleaner
    Computer Wooden table
    Virtual engineer
    Turbo Pascal
    Turbo C++
    MS Windows 3.1
    MS FORTARN 5.1
    Wooden Table 72”x30”x30”
    MS office
    HYDRAUSIM Software
    NASHPACK Software
    Intel Pentium II
    Intel Pentium III
    Windows NT
    AUTOCAD LT 2000
    Intel Pentium III
    Pro Engineer software wildfire 3.0
    Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
    Mechanical Desktop 6.0
    Pentium III
    CATIA V5 Software
    Computer Table 5’6”X2’
    HP Laser Printer 1005
    Pentium P-IV 1.8GHZ
    HP Printer 1005
    UMAX scanner 2500
    Pentium P-IV, 3.0 GHZ
    Microsrib 3-D Scanner
    Optoma DLP Projector
    IBM Server 226
    Laserjet Printer All in One
    Sony Cyber shot DSC w-35
    Revolving Chairs
    Dell optiplex 330 Desktop
    HP Laserjet P1505
    Pro-Engineer Wildfire 5.0 Institute Site License
    Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010
    DELL Desktop
    COMSOL Multiphysics single user CPU along with different module
5. CAM Lab MIRAC Lathe
    CNC Train Master
    Move master RVM2
    CNC Bench Milling M/C(XL MILL)
    VR-CIM Manual Control s/w package
    Computer table and computer revolving chair
    500 VAUPS
    VPL –EX 50 LCD Projector
    Lenovo PC
    Godrej visitor chair
    Computer table for PCs +table for instructor
    Powder coating ceiling mounted brackets with swivel joint extension for security of DLP
6. Fluid Machinery Lab Hook gauge for turbine test
    Pelton wheel turbine test rig
    Francis turbine test rig
    Impact of jet apparatus
    Pitot tube with manometer
    Cup anemometer
    R.T.C reciprocating piston pump test rig
    Differential manometer mounted on francis Turbine
    Starter for(20 hp and 15 hp)
    Kalpan turbine test rig
    Engineering fluid machines chart
    Slurry pot tester
    Bath opening WXLD
    ARMFIELD Equipment
7. Heat & Mass Transfer Lab Natural Convention Heat Transfer
    Critical Heat Flux
    Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
    Heat Transfer through Composite wall
    Heat Transfer in Forced convention
    Thermal conductivity Measurement of Metal Rod
    Two slab Gaurded Hot Plate method
    Heat Transfer from Pin Fin
    Stefan"s Boltzman"s Apparatus
    Parallel Flow and Counter flow Heat Exchanger
    Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe
    Heat Pipe Demonstartor
    Drop and Film Condensation Apparatus
    Two Phase Heat transfer Apparatus
    Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder
    Excise Duty @ 5% C.S.T 4% Octrio 1% Unloading
    Brookfield Viscometer
    Thermal Property Analyzer (KD2 Pro)
    Magnetic stirrer and pH meter
    Solar Thermal Training Kit
8. Industrial Engineering Lab Anglo-swiss stop watch
    Precision Sound Level meter
    Electronic Digital Caliper
    Mechanical model kit assembled
    Spiro meter
    Metronome with bell
    Digital thermometer
    Digital Lux Meter
    Human Body Parts & charts
    Run Race
    Precision humidity & temperature meter
    Video Cassette Recorder
    Color T. V.
    Slide Projector
    Video Cassettes
    Starlet Digital Electronic Venire Caliper
    Vibration Meter
    Micro motion Filming Camera
    Electronic thermo hygrometer
    Harpenden Anthropometer (with accessories)
    Photo Electric Rotary Persuit
    Flicker Fusion Apparatus
    Electronic depth Perception Apparatus
    E.M.G. Bio-feed back Trainer
    E.C.G. Bio-feed back Trainer
    Audio system (Akai)
    C.C.D. Monochrome Camera (ALBA)
    HDD GB Seagate
    Automatic Constant Voltage Transformer
    Automatic Constant Voltage Stabliser 2kva
    Multimedia Projector
    Godrej Overhead Projector with screen
    Digital Tong Tester
    Digital Electronic Balance (0-5kg) L.C. 2g
    Digital Thermometer with Accessories
    Spring Balance
    O/S Balance
    Schiller Cardio vit machine
    Lactate Analyser ( with accessories )
    Fit mate Pro (with accessories)
9. Internal Combustion Engine Single cylinder horizontal type ruston diesel engine
    Kirloskar single cylinder vertical diesel engine
    Krimo engine
    Single cylinder 2 stroke petrol engine
    Thermo gravimetric analyzer
    Variable compression ratio test set up
10. Machine Tool Engineering Lab Advani Orlikon make welding motor generator (with accessories)
    Addison make tool and cutter grinder
    Dault directly shaping m/c (model CLD630) with accessories
    a) Orbital Sander
    b) Circular Saw
    c) Tapping m/c 5/16”
    d) Bench grinder
    Disc Sander with accessories
    Power Hacksaw (hydraulic model HS-20) with accessories
    Bench grinder T6-6 (150 mm)
    Lathe tool dynamometer with accessories (model SPL)
    Drill dynamometer
    Anti vibration mountings
    Anti vibration mountings
    Vertical milling m/c (mode VM-25A)
    Radial drilling m/c (model B5/1000)
    a) Torque wrench
    b) Ronally Center MT-3
    c) Ronally Center MT-4
    d) Drill chuck MT-3, MT-4
    Anti vibration mountings
    M/c Vice with swivel base
    a) 160 mm
    b) 200 mm
    ELG air compressor
    GERRAD Air plasma m/c (model P-16A) with accessories
    Pedestal Grinder
    Carbide tool lapping grinder (TT-200)
    a) 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6 mm, 8mm, 10 mm, 12mm
    b) 14 ,16, 18, 20, 25 mm
    c) ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, ½”
    d) 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, 1”
    Working table (wooden)
    Slide charts
    Vernier calliper
    a) 12” (300 mm)
    b) 6” (150 mm)
    Dial vernier calliper (150 mm/ 0.02 m)
    Dial Indicator
    Magnetic stand
    Portable drilling m/c with accessories
    Center Lathe (HMT) with accessories
11. Metrology Lab Automatic Voltage Transformer
    Surface Roughness Tester (Mahr)
    Profile Projector (Nikon)
    Slip Gauges
    Inside Micrometer
    Dial Indicator
    Outside Micrometer
    Electronic Dial Gauge
    Digital Vernier Calliper
    Vernier Depth Gauge
    Vernier Calliper
    Outside Micrometer
    Dial Gauges
    Inside Micrometer
    Inside Micrometer
    Screw Thread Micrometer
    Internal Dial Calliper
    Dial Bore Gauge
    Gear Tooth Vernier Calliper
    Snap Gauge
    Plain Plug Gauge
    Plain Ring Guage
    Thread Plug Gauge
    Thread Ring Gauge
    Dial Bore Gauge (without Dial)
    Universal Bevel Protractor
    Comparator Stand
    Granite Surface Plate
    Vernier Height Gauge
    Dial Height Gauge
    Surface Plate (C.I)
    Precision Dial Bore Gauge
    Radius Gauge
    Digital Calliper
    Combination Set
    Sine Table
    Spirit Level
    Microhardness Tester
    Gas Cylinder Argon
    Vacuum Spectrometer
    Image Grabber card for micro hardness tester
    Surface roughness tester
    Double disc metallurgical polishing machine
    Tri colour Measuring microscope
    Granite Surface plate with stand
    Ultrasonic flaw detector
    Surface Profile meter
12. Non-Traditional Machining Lab Ultrasonic Drill Machine
    Electric Discharge Machine
    Laser Beam Drilling Machine
    Ultrasonic flaw detector
    Laser cutting Machine
    Air Compression machine
    Shot blasting machine
13. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab Refrigeration Tutor
    Absorption Refrigeration Tutor
    Working Model of Cold Storage
    Experimental Conditioning Unit Duct Type
    Experimental Rail Coach Trainer
    Cascade Refrigeration System
    Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System Three Fluid
    Vapour Compression based Ice Plant Set-Up
    Refrigeration Cut Section Model
    RAC Sectional Cut Model Board with Basic Control and Components
    Working Model of Natural draft Cooling Tower
    Working Model of Forced Draft cooling Tower
    Working Model of Induced Draft Cooling Tower
    Computerized Air conditioning Trainer
14. Research Lab Multimedia projector
    DELL poweredge server
    1 Flow vis and phoenics , 2 torision,3 trnsys ,4 cad fix
    P4 PCs
    MS OFFICE 2003 and media for office
    Quest software
    Dell vastro 220 desktop
    Dell optiplex desktop
15. Sand Testing lab Sand Muller
    Sieve Shaker(Quantity=02)
    Clay Washer (Quantity=02)
    Rapid Moisture tester (Quantity=02)
    Green Compression strength tester
    Permeability tester
    Mould hardness tester
    core hardness tester
    Shatter index tester
    Laboratory rammer
    Universal sand testing machine (Quantity=02)
    Rapid Dryer
    Weighing balance(Quantity=02)
    Core baking oven (Quantity=02)
    Combined section cutting grinding and polishing machine
    Higher spekker teleoscope
    Metallurgical microscope
    Metallurgical microscope c bake-model
    Density Indicator
16. (a) Solid Mechanics/ Dynamics of Machines Lab Rockwell Hardness Tester
    Tensile Testing M/c
    Fatigue Tester
    Torsion Testing M/c (Capacity 60,000 Kgcm)
    Universal Testing M/c (50T)
    Tensile Testing M/c (Capacity 5000Kgf)
    Electronic Universal Testing M/c (10T)
    Vickers Hardness Testing M/c
    Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester
    Vernier Calliper
    Diamond Cone Indicator
    Steel Balls
    Dial Gauge (Range 0.01-10mm)
    Magnetic Stand for Dial Gauge
    Steel Ball Indenter (1/16” dia)
    Extensometer with two dial gauges
16.(b) DOM lab Balancing M/c for Rotating & Reciprocating Masses
    Centrifugal Force Mechanism
    Crank & Connecting rod Mechanism
    CAM Appratus
    Motorized Gyroscope
17. State Initiated Design centre Dell Optiplex 360n Desktop
    SolidWorks Education Bundle
    CNC Milling Lathe (PBG- 2048)
    Projector (Sony India)
    Air Conditioner
    Furniture (Computer Table+ computer table lab-30 seats+ chairs)
18. Steam Engineering Lab Simple steam engine model
    Single cylinder vertical steam engine
    Steam trap
    Unit Superheater
    Separating and throttling calorimeter
    Green wood and Batley turbine
    Non-IBR boiler model with accessories
    Steam trap rig
    D.C regulated supply
    Pneumatic conveying system
19. Noise and Vibration Lab Vibration Measurement using Accelerometer
    Sound Level Meter with Vibration Module with Accessories & Microphone
    Universal Vibration Test Apparatus
    Whirling of Shaft Apparatus
    Sound Level Meter Type -1 with real time frequency analyser with Accessories
    450 kgf Vibration Exciter with accessories
20 Mechatronics Lab 8051 students practice Board
    PLC trainer kits
    LEGO Mind stress education box
    LEGO Mind stress education box software
    Brick AUR Kt 333
    LEGO Tetrix set
    LEGO transformer 10 V DC
    LEGO Tetrix set with sensors
21 Laboratory for Bulk Solids and Particle Technology Pneumatic conveying test set-up/pilot plant – including screw compressor, air drier, air receiver, blow tank, receiver bin, pipes of different diameters and lengths, bag filter, pressure transducers, flow meter, load cells, data logger etc.
    Brookfield YR-1 rheometer
    Brookfield LVDV III Ultra rheometer
    Thermal property analyzer
    Bed rheology tester
    Deaeration and permeability tester
    High speed digital camera
22. Advanced Measurements Laboratory Coordinate Measuring Machine
    Surface Profilometer
    Carl Zeiss Measuring Microscope
    Leica Metallurgical Microscope
    Microhardness tester
23. Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Creator Pro 3D Printer. Size 200 x 150 x 250 mm (Quantity 05)
    Stratasys FDM RP system. Size 250 x 200 x 500 mm (Quantity 01)