Electives Offered for the July - December 2023 Session

Electives offered for July-December 2023
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
Semester: V/Elective: E1
Sl. No. Course No. Course Name
1 UME805 Robotics Engineering
2 UME839 Renewable energy systems
3 UME525 Vehicle Dynamics
4 UME524 Additive Manufacturing
5 UPE705 Computer Aided Manufacturing
6 UME832 Finite Eelement Method
Semester: VII/Elective: E2
1 UPE703 Metal Forming
2 UME726 IoT Enabled Automation and Machine Learning
3 UME727 Fuel Cell Technology
4 UME724 Automotive Mechatronics System
5 UME736 Welding for Industry and Engineers
6 UME725 Robot Dynamics and Control
B.E. Mechatronics Engineering
Semester: V/Elective: E2
1 UEI514 IOT based Systems
Semester: VII/Elective: E3
1 UME739 Finite Eelement Method
2 UCS744 Autonomous Systems
1 UTD002/UHU016/UHU017/UHU018/UCS002/UPH064/UEN006/ UMA069/ UMA070/UBT510
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